3rd Dialogue meeting to be held on 5-6 January 2008 in Oxford

Katie Pardee and Yo Tomita have been appointed to organise the 3rd Dialogue meeting to be held on 5-6 January 2008 in Oxford.

The main focus of this meeting will be the nineteenth-century reception of J. S. Bach and his music, though other research areas will also be addressed. In addition to papers, there will be performances of Bach’s music as it might have been heard during the nineteenth century in England. There will also be several open forum discussions on other cutting-edge issues, including our own research groups “Music and Text” and “Bach Reception in the 19th century”.

We are delighted that the confirmed guest speakers include Christoph Wolff, Richard Jones, Peter Wollny and Ruth HaCohen. There are still a few vacant slots for papers on any topic related to Bach. If you have a suitable paper (duration: 20 mins), we would be delighted to receive either an abstract or fully-written paper as soon as possible. We will close the call as soon as we have a good line-up, so please let us know if you are interested at the earliest opportunity.

4th September 2007