Dialogue Meeting 2015

The seventh J. S. Bach Dialogue Meeting was held at the historic house of Madingley Hall, Cambridge from Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 July 2015. We had an exciting lineup of contributors and a wide variety of topics, including John Butt on Principle of Performance, Christine Blanken on Bach’s cantatas, Reinhard Strohm and Tobias Klein on the Balzan project, discussions led by Szymon Paczkowski, Janice Stockigt and Samantha Owens, Stephen Rose, Tatiana Shabalina and Chiara Bertoglio, in addition to our Young Scholars’ Forum featuring some of the finest current international doctoral research. The final event of the meeting was a celebratory concert at King’s College Chapel with John Butt and the Dunedin Consort performing a programme of Bach’s music from 1715, coinciding with the 500th anniversary of the Chapel.

The programme for the meeting can be found here.

A report on the meeting ‘A Glorious Summer Meeting’ was published in Understanding Bach, 11 (2016) and can be read here.