Welcome to Bach Network

Welcome to the website of Bach Network UK! Artists, scientists, Bach scholars and performers, and indeed anybody who is seriously interested in Bach’s music are welcome to join us. The central aim of the network is to facilitate contacts that will encourage thought about Bach and his music: thought that may be quite different from the established terms of academic discourse.

Times are changing, towards the quantification and standardisation of intellectual life. ‘Classical’ music is sometimes considered an art for specialists only. However, Bach and his music have always attracted people with a wide range of backgrounds and interests, in the arts, sciences and beyond. Bach Network UK aims to harvest the fruit of this heritage. It addresses the crucial issue of what we can still gain from Bach’s works in a world which often seems alien to the challenges of subtle, expressive and complex music.

Bach Network connects people and stimulates ideas through the written word, in our open access journal Understanding Bach, through our biennial Dialogue meetings, alternating annually with presentations at the biennial International Conferences on Baroque Music (ICBM), through our Facebook page and through news notifications circulated by email about three times per year.