About Bach Network

In July 2017 it was decided that we should drop the ‘UK’ from ‘Bach Network UK’ and adopt the all-inclusive name by which we have become increasingly known: Bach Network. This change is reflected in our adapted logo and favicon.

Bach Network UK was founded in 2004 by John Butt, Reinhard Strohm and Ruth Tatlow to serve Bach studies worldwide. Gradually new trustees joined the board and as the work of BNUK developed we decided to change our leadership structure, so that in 2010 we had both a board of trustees, Chaired by Peter Smaill, and an Advisory Council, which in 2014 was renamed as the Bach Network Council (see below). Our annual J. S. Bach Dialogue Meetings became a biennial event in 2009, alternating in even years with a visible presence at the biennial International Conferences on Baroque Music (ICBM) where we sponsor and present several sessions. Our widely-read web journal Understanding Bach was first issued in 2006 and has been published annually since. Articles go through a stringent peer review and editorial process. Understanding Bach is the channel through which we disseminate new Bach research that has been presented and discussed at the Dialogue Meetings and at the International Conferences on Baroque Music.

This website continues to be of vital importance to Bach Network UK as the platform for Understanding Bach, as a means of keeping the network alive and growing through the signup, and as a reference point for our activities and meetings. Through the signup you will receive notifications of our activities three times each year. On our open Facebook page you will find a variety of posts ranging from Bach discoveries, new publications and announcements, and on our YouTube channel you will find an increasing number of videos.

Bach Network is a registered charity, number 1042036, dependent upon external funding, and welcomes donations to support costs of the continued work.

Trustee and Council members can be contacted directly through their personal addresses, or reached through info@bachnetwork.org


Board of Trustees

John Butt
Richard D. P. Jones
Katharine Pardee
Stephen Roe (Chair: Autumn 2017–)
Peter Smaill (Chair: 2010–Autumn 2017)
Ruth Tatlow

Bach Network Council

Ruth Tatlow (Chair: 2010–)
John Butt
Richard D. P. Jones
Michael Maul
Szymon Paczkowski
Katharine Pardee
Barbara M. Reul
Stephen Roe
Stephen Rose
Yo Tomita
Bettina Varwig